Handmade journals, photograph albums, custom books and digital file portfolios.

I am grateful that everyday I get to hand-craft beautiful journals, albums and sketchbooks to be sent around the globe and filled with the amazing ideas of others. It is a humbling moment to hold an empty book in my hands, to think about how many miles it will travel, all the memories it will record and then to box it up and send it out into the world.

How my story began...After college I moved to Boston and began my professional career in libraries and book preservation, where my love of making books bloomed. In my job as Preservation Librarian at the State Library of Massachusetts, I gained an inside window into bookbinding styles throughout the centuries. Working with historic materials is tricky and I enjoyed finding a unique fix for every item. I was inspired to try binding and preservation techniques with fresh materials on my own time. It is out of this experimentation that Stoneburner Bookbinding grew.

In 2010 I launched my online store to sell handmade journals, notebooks and note cards. In the past seven years my clients have grown to include photographers and videographers and my product line has followed. I now offer disc and USB cases, custom photograph albums and digital presentation portfolios in my shop. In 2012 my first son was born and I decided to step away from my position at the State Library of Massachusetts. It was sad to leave a job that I loved and a fantastic collection on which to work, but it was exciting to focus on my own company full-time.

In addition to the items in my online store and custom work created for local and international clients, I now offer preservation services for private and family collections. Please contact me if you have questions or would like a quote for a custom project.
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